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Will My Vision or Medical Insurance Cover the Exam?

Will my Vision or Medical insurance help with my exam?

We accept most vision insurances, and benefits vary from plan to plan. Feel free to call and ask what your insurance covers.

Many of our patients are not aware that their medical insurance will often pay for an eye exam, including Medicare, Oregon Health Plan, and most other insurances. These insurances will pay for the exam if there is a qualifying underlying medical problem, such as cataracts (nearly all patients over age 60 have some degree of cataract), dry eye (also quite common in our dry climate), Diabetes, Glaucoma, Macular degeneration, and many more. Medical insurance will usually NOT pay for a pair of glasses, but they will pay for the exam. However, a measurement for glasses can be done at the time of the exam, and a prescription given if the patient desires (refraction fees apply.)

Oregon Health Plan will pay for an exam and a pair of glasses yearly for children (Age 0-20) regardless of whether there is an underlying medical problem or not. They will also cover an exam and a pair of glasses for pregnant OHP clients (once every two year) that provide a “Proof of Pregnancy” document from their Primary Care or OB provider.

If you don’t have Vision or Medical insurance, we are still happy to see you!

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